A Runner's log and a bit

May 30, 2011 at 01:49
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Log your runs and other activities. See your progress and statistics.


Summary (main) page Calendar view Training period details page Diagrams page

Conversions guide Detailed logs


You need a php-aware server to use this application:

  1. Put the source files in a directory on a web server
  2. Edit configure.inc to suit your needs.

Log file format

There are sample log files in the samples/ directory.

You record your runs in a simple text file like this:

# First two lines are ignored. You can put here notes and comments.
# Enter "date" "time" "duration" "distance" "type" "optional comments"
31.5.2011    18:30   50:00    9.5  N   Very windy
2.6.2011     10:00   50:00  11     R   "Race name"

Separate each field with a tab character, or the character you specify in the configuration file.

For other activities, each entry in a log can have any of the following formats:


The following are configurable in configure.inc

Which log file to use. Eg "/home/user/mylogfile.csv"
Log files of extra activities that you want to appear on the calendar.
What separates each field in the log file. Default is "tab".
The distance of a lap (as you record them) in meters. For example, you should put '1000' here if you want to record your running km.
Distance goal for each month
Distance categories for which you want to track record times.

Order of months in calendar page: 'reverse'/'normal'.


running @ demo


Source: https://github.com/EelVex/Runner-s-log
git clone git://github.com/EelVex/Runner-s-log.git

File Description Size
Runner-s-log-(latest).tar.gz Source files ~1MB
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  1. my personal running log — Vlachos Evangelos

    on August 17, 2011 at 20:18

    [...] my log, thanks to Eelvex running log app [...]

  2. vagelis

    on August 19, 2011 at 16:45

    Code suggestions for period.php (version 278bcb3):

    Bug 1 (count days on year change) in line 31, replace with :

    $total_days = date("z", $period[sizeof($period)-1]['datetime_stamp'] - $period[0]['datetime_stamp']))+2;

    Bug 2 (timeline days) lines 32-48, replace with :

    foreach ($period as $run) {
    $total_km += $run['distance'];
    $total_running_time += $run['time_total'];
    $mean_pace += $run['pace'];
    $mean_vo += $run['vo'];
    $the_date = date("d-m-Y",$run['datetime_stamp']);
    echo ''.$run['type_of_run'].''.sprintf("%04.1f",$run['distance'])."$n".week_stats($day, $period)."";

    for($i=0;$i<date("z", $period[$n]['datetime_stamp'] - $period[$n-1['datetime_stamp']);$i++) {
    echo "  $day".week_stats($day, $period)."";


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